Allison Raley and Jackie Cooney Quoted in Law360 on AGG’s Women in Tech Law Launch

Allison Raley and Jackie Cooney, AGG partners and co-chairs of AGG’s Women in Tech Law initiative and Emerging Technology industry team, were quoted in a March 29, 2024, Law360 article discussing their new roles and aspirations for these two pivotal groups.

In the article, Allison said one of the prevailing reasons behind the initiatives was to represent the rich diversity and inclusive environment that AGG has built into its culture.

“We believe that our inclusivity and diversity in our attorneys should mirror the diversity and inclusiveness within our clients so that was one of the reasons for the initiative,” Allison explained. “We offer to our clients a different framework, a different perspective, a really strong ethos that aligns better, we believe, with what they’re seeking to do in the space. Emerging technologies companies, our clients, most of them are in the space because they have a vision to change something and AGG has a vision to change the framework and makeup of the way technology attorneys are represented and looked at in the legal community.”

AGG’s WITL is made up of a group of women attorneys who are leaders in their given practice areas, including privacy, cybersecurity, emerging laws, and enforcements related to blockchain and artificial intelligence, fintech, venture capital, digital health, and tech transactions. The initiative is meant to foster mentorship, as well as promote technology and the STEM disciplines to future female professionals. AGG’s WITL will also serve as a resource to clients who need sophisticated, tech-related guidance.

“Client challenges related to adtech, generative AI, sophisticated data breaches, compliance with new privacy laws, and cross-border data transfers are among the main topics we address with our clients daily,” Jackie added. “We are fortunate to have this level of depth across an expansive industry under one roof. AGG’s WITL also has a responsibility to mentor the next generation of female technology leaders, both inside and outside of the firm, and we are committed to doing so.”

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