AGG's Women in Tech Law


AGG is committed to providing best-in-class services to its clients in and around the tech industry. We are thrilled to promote an exemplary team of women attorneys who do just that — AGG’s Women in Tech Law.

The team represents clients across all industries that develop and make technology products, invest in technology, engage in tech transactions, use both on-premises and third-party technologies, and otherwise rely on technology to operate their business. From representing clients in the tech industry itself, to legal issues related to digital technology, emerging technology, healthcare technology and digital health records, payment platforms, and privacy and cybersecurity, we are proud to highlight this group of women who are the best in their fields of practice.

Key Partners


Below is a list of the key partners in this area, as well as links to their bios and practice group pages. Please click on the “View All Professionals” link to access a full list of the incredible women in this group.

“Our clients have been grappling with technology-related legal and operational issues for decades, but those issues have never been so complex, nor presented so much risk, as right now. Client challenges related to adtech, generative AI, sophisticated data breaches, compliance with new privacy laws, and cross-border data transfers are among the main topics we address with our clients daily as they work toward compliant and sustainable data and technology governance programs.”


Jacqueline Cooney

Partner, Co-Chair, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice 

Co-Chair, Emerging Technologies Industry Team

“AGG holds in paramount importance the conviction that attorneys handling pioneering, innovative, and swiftly evolving technological issues for our clients should mirror the ethos of inclusivity and innovation upheld by the clients themselves. This commitment extends to our service offerings, as well as the diversity within our team. We take pride in being one of the select firms with a diverse array of technology-related proficiencies, led by accomplished women who serve as trailblazers in their respective domains. The significance of AGG’s Women in Tech Law initiative is an outward representation of our firm’s strategic endeavor to furnish unparalleled support to our technology-focused clients and those requiring technology-related services. The uniqueness of being able to present such a strong initiative led by industry frontrunners is a key differential in the inclusiveness AGG has cultivated.”


Allison Raley

Partner, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice

Co-Chair, Emerging Technologies Industry Team


“What sets AGG apart from other firms is our culture of collaboration, which especially holds true for our women attorneys who work with technology companies. We understand that collaboration both with the leaders of our clients’ businesses and our interdisciplinary team of attorneys at the firm is essential to producing results-oriented, balanced, and business-minded legal advice. Our team has deep industry experience bringing perspectives from in-house roles at tech companies large and small, as well as technical proficiency gained from the mentorship of top-notch law firm colleagues. We help our tech clients protect their valuable assets through developing and implementing IP strategies, helping them maintain solid corporate housekeeping and compliance, drafting and negotiating core commercial agreements, and acquiring or divesting operating businesses and technology assets.”


Ali Cook

Partner, Corporate Practice

Member, Payment Systems & Fintech Industry Team

“Many firms market themselves as having technology expertise. Few have the depth to go beyond the buzzwords. Reflective of its commitment to inclusivity, AGG has a curated team of women attorneys with cross-disciplinary abilities and deep industry experience. In addition to legal skills, our strength lies in our internal collaboration to support our clients. Our team is crafted to address all phases and aspects in the lifecycle of technology companies, from start-ups, to building out the business’s foundational to contracts, advising on compliance, negotiating complex commercial deals, handling M&A, and handling litigation when our clients find themselves in private disputes or the subject of regulatory enforcement.”


Theresa Kananen

Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice

Co-Chair, Payment Systems & Fintech Team

“In a field dominated by men, AGG’s Women in Tech Law group brings together women from across the firm who have deep experience in all aspects of technology. Not only do we provide tech clients with nimble, practical, and thoughtful advice, we also bring innovative solutions and refreshing perspectives to clients in this everchanging industry. AGG’s Women in Tech Law group is uniquely positioned to disrupt the disruptor. The tech industry has cultivated innovative and disruptive solutions to many of the issues we knowingly (and unknowingly) face on a daily basis. However, it’s not often that the tech industry itself is disrupted. AGG’s Women in Tech Law is positioned to do just that.”


Paula Nagarajan

Partner, Corporate & Finance Practice

Member, Emerging Technologies Industry Team

“The attorneys of AGG’s Women in Tech Law are industry leaders in technology, data privacy, cybersecurity, finance, digital health, and more. We have a broad range of capabilities to meet the demands of the changing landscape of the intersection of law, business, and technology. Our mission is to come alongside our clients that are situated within the technology industry by maneuvering the demands of integrating technologies into their operations and business strategies.”


Madison Pool

Partner, Healthcare Practice

Member, Emerging Technologies Industry Team


AGG Talks: Women in Tech Law

Our podcast series delves into the dynamic intersection of technology and law through the lens of women leaders in the industry. Hosted by AGG’s Women in Tech Law, this insightful podcast explores the latest legal developments shaping the tech industry. Each episode features candid conversations offering invaluable perspectives on navigating the ever-evolving legal landscape of the digital age. Tune in as we unravel complex legal challenges, cover the latest updates in tech, and empower future generations of women in tech. To access our podcast episodes, please click here.

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