Artificial Intelligence


AGG’s AI practice is comprised of attorneys from various disciplines within the firm, including the Enforcement Defense, Blockchain, Emerging Technologies, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Data Innovation, Employment, Entertainment & Sports, and Technology teams, and is dedicated to assisting companies across sectors in matters spanning counseling, regulatory compliance, litigation, and transactional affairs. This specialized practice collaborates with organizations at the forefront of AI technology development, as well as those seeking guidance in navigating the intricate legal frameworks surrounding its deployment.

The rapid advancement of technology in the realms of automation and artificial intelligence is experiencing exponential growth. Although many of these underlying technologies have existed for decades, the current surge in interest towards their widespread adoption has reached unprecedented levels, with indications pointing towards further escalation in the foreseeable future.

The increasing integration of automation and artificial intelligence across various domains presents a myriad of legal complexities within a constantly evolving regulatory environment. These challenges extend not only to entities involved in the development of such products but also to those incorporating such technologies into their operational frameworks. Arnall Golden Gregory’s Artificial Intelligence Practice consolidates the collective expertise and skills of attorneys throughout the firm, offering a diverse range of technical and legal proficiencies to aid clients in recognizing, addressing, and navigating these challenges.

Our AI practice extends its services to clients across a spectrum of industries, encompassing high-tech, healthcare, finance, consumer goods, and industrial sectors. Whether the focus lies on proactive management of legal risks, response to regulatory inquiries, acquisition or transfer of data and intellectual property rights, ensuring data privacy and security, establishing AI policy and ethics guidelines, or addressing litigation concerns, the attorneys at AGG are well-equipped to address these multifaceted issues.

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