Digital Asset, Cryptocurrencies, & Blockchain Technologies


Led by a former digital asset global general counsel and chief compliance officer, AGG’s Digital Asset, Cryptocurrencies, & Blockchain Technologies team understands what our clients face from both internal and external pressures. Our client base is comprised of issuers of digital assets, digital asset managers, exchanges, custodians, virtual asset service providers, promoters of digital assets, and employees within digital asset companies.

AGG’s bench is deep with leading technology regulatory, enforcement defense, venture capital, privacy and cybersecurity, securities, and litigation attorneys to ensure all our digital asset clients’ needs can be met in a one-stop shop. We are well versed in Bitlicense applications and Bitlicense maintenance, which is a unique factor among similarly situated law firms.

We regularly provide counsel to financial services firms, spanning from emerging startups to publicly listed banks, on various aspects concerning digital assets, encompassing strategies related to DeFi. Our legal team possesses comprehensive experience in representing lenders engaged in lending against digital asset collateral, including facilities utilizing securities intermediaries for holding digital assets as financial assets. Additionally, we have facilitated negotiations of custody agreements with several leading providers of custody services within the digital asset sphere. Furthermore, our representation extends to banking institutions involved in the issuance of stablecoins, addressing pertinent banking regulatory considerations arising from these activities, such as the custody of assets underpinning stablecoins.

With experience in business roles for leading bitcoin payment service providers, our attorneys have an unparalleled understanding of the underlying technology and the unique blend of legal and business issues arising in contracts. We also offer an innovative approach to advising, litigating, and resolving complex legal issues in the emerging blockchain industry and expanding the potential for successful outcomes in the face of SEC and other regulatory obstacles. This experience allows us to understand each side’s perspective and better advise our clients, strategically negotiate contracts, and easily resolve regulatory issues as they arise.

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