Arnall Golden Gregory’s Retail Industry Team brings together the firm’s attorneys who serve all aspects of the retail industry, including real estate purchase and sale transactions, development, leasing, franchising, dispute resolution and litigation, corporate matters, intellectual property, employment issues, and other legal needs of retail professionals. Representing clients throughout the United States, AGG Retail Industry Team clients include landlords and tenants, property owners and managers, retailers and tenants, franchisors and franchisees, as well as developers, lenders, and investors.

AGG’s Retail Industry Team’s practice is one of the largest and most highly respected groups of retail real estate attorneys in the United States. AGG has an industry-wide reputation for providing practical and thoughtful retail real estate advice to clients. The real estate portion of the team is complimented by experienced attorneys in other relevant practice areas. AGG litigators regularly resolve complicated disputes as such relate to landlord/tenant, construction and contract issues. AGG corporate attorneys routinely represent clients forming or acquiring retail establishments and our trademark and patent specialists help clients protect their unique intellectual properties. AGG also regularly assists retailers with their promotional efforts and sweepstakes.

By gathering all of the various subject matter attorneys within our Retail Industry Team, clients are able to access comprehensive legal services. Team members collaborate on strategies and share industry knowledge in order to provide efficient legal representation and relevant advice taking into account all aspects of the client’s business, not simply the matter at hand.

Team members are active in numerous local and national retail trade groups and keep apprised of current trends and issues in the industry. The AGG Retail Team regularly conducts training sessions for the real estate community, gives presentations on industry related topics, and publishes newsletters and authoritative literature on current retail topics.