Our attorneys have extensive experience in appellate advocacy and an extensive understanding of the issues that are most important to the healthcare industry. We represent clients in proceedings in state and federal appellate courts. Because of our dedication to healthcare providers and the associations that represent them, as well as our experience with the many issues that healthcare providers face, our team is often called upon to provide a voice to trade associations through amicus curia —or “friend of the court”—briefs in cases where the court’s decision may reach far beyond the parties immediately involved in the case. Through this amicus advocacy, we help shape the development of the law by providing meaningful context and background that will assist the courts in considering the big-picture effects of their decisions.

Our team has represented clients in state and federal appellate courts in matters involving issues of importance to the healthcare and life sciences industries, such as privacy, arbitration, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, professional liability, and patentability.

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