Pre-IPO & Other Liquidity Event Planning


Our attorneys have substantial experience dealing with the opportunities afforded by clients who are selling their businesses or participating in an impending initial public offering. These economic events provide extraordinary wealth transfer planning opportunities. The proper structure of these pre-IPO strategies requires extensive discussion, analysis, and often working with other financial advisors for the clients. There are no “pat” answers. Our extensive knowledge allows us to help the client navigate the issues, including appraisal issues that arise in this area.

The opportunities for wealth transfer are enormous, and we have worked with entrepreneurs, scientists, passive investors, active investors, and others to maximize the potential benefits available to them. Although ostensibly disparate in their backgrounds, they face the same issues and opportunities afforded by these events. The timing of this planning is critical. The opportunities afforded by proper work before the liquidity event will be lost when not properly addressed in advance.

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