Patent Prosecution & Counseling


AGG handles all aspects of patent preparation and prosecution at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). Our patent attorneys have the legal and technical skills and experience to deal with complex technology. For example, our patent attorneys have advanced degrees and relevant industry experience in major technology areas, including biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, mechanical engineering, medical devices, optics, pharmaceutical, and physics. The IP practice also includes attorneys that have worked for the PTO and have the insight to understand the best ways to address issues before the agency to meet their client’s goals.

We also help our clients build worldwide patent portfolios by filing and prosecuting applications in foreign countries through the PCT, EPO, or with individual filings. We work with our clients to strategically identify the countries where they should file, thereby saving unnecessary costs. In addition, we coordinate the domestic and foreign prosecution effort to maximize coverage and minimize conflicts and costs during prosecutions and maintenance periods.

Additional Specialties

  • Companies facing the question of possible infringement have an “affirmative duty of due care,” which includes obtaining an opinion of patent counsel that products or services do not infringe a valid patent. The failure to obtain such opinions can result in a finding of willful infringement or subject a company to sanctions that can include treble damages and attorneys’ fees. AGG’s patent attorneys are very experienced in preparing non-infringement and invalidity opinions, and thus provide a practical, real-world assessment of infringement risks to help clients meet their business objectives.

    AGG’s attorneys also assist companies in patent landscaping to provide clients with an understanding of the patents covering products or methods in a technology area. Such landscaping not only helps companies avoid patent disputes, but can also generate ideas for new inventions in that space.

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