Equinox Group - AGG Develops Attractive Deal Structure to Aid in Generation of Profits


Atlanta-area real estate developer Jan Saperstein, owner of The Equinox Group, Inc., wanted to grow his real estate company and needed guidance on obtaining capital to fund the purchase of properties that were coming on the market at excellent prices.


AGG’s real estate, securities and tax lawyers worked with the client to develop a deal structure that would be attractive to potential investors and provide Mr. Saperstein with the opportunity to grow his company and generate profits for himself and for his investors. When the client identified potential real estate opportunities, AGG helped Mr. Saperstein locate investors who ultimately became the foundation of the company and the source of additional investors as the company grew.


With AGG’s help, Equinox was able to take advantage of a favorable real estate market and acquire and develop a large portfolio of shopping centers. In 2013, Equinox monetized a portion of its portfolio with the sale of Whitesburg Plaza in Huntsville, Ala., which it acquired in 1992, and Sandy Springs Plaza in Sandy Springs, Ga., which it acquired in 1997. The firm continues to be instrumental in providing legal services and business advice to Mr. Saperstein and his company.