CryoLife, Inc. - Use of Cutting Edge E-Discovery Helps Procure Advantageous Settlement


CryoLife, Inc, a leading biological medical device company, was an exclusive distributor of an innovative blood-clotting agent used worldwide — that is until it learned that the product’s manufacturer was also allowing other distributors around the globe to sell the product in competition with CryoLife. CryoLife knew it had to pursue legal action against the manufacturer, but with more than 2.3 terabytes of electronic documents from 150 custodians spread across a dozen countries, and more than a hundred fact witnesses scattered throughout the United States and Europe, CryoLife understood that the costs of discovery and litigation could easily overwhelm the case if not handled efficiently.


AGG’s CryoLife litigation team used cutting edge e-discovery technologies and engaged contract attorneys at significantly reduced rates to orchestrate an aggressive and successful multipronged discovery strategy.


Using the advantages it was able to secure from this proactive approach to discovery, which took more than a year, AGG was able to leverage an advantageous settlement of the lawsuit for CryoLife.