Mixed Use Development

Mixed-use real estate developments are flourishing throughout the nation in suburban and metropolitan areas alike. The successful long-term implementation of a mixed-use real estate development includes many complex business and legal issues. Arnall Golden Gregory’s Mixed-Use Practice Team understands the issues that must be addressed in order to create a successful mixed-use development, which issues include:

  • Property Acquisition/Disposition
  • Entitlements
  • Debt and Equity Financing
  • Financing
  • Leasing (retail and office)
  • Master Property Associations
  • Reciprocal Easements and Cross Easements
  • Easements (air rights, subsurface rights, parking issues and maintenance issues)
  • Use Restrictions
  • Title Issues
  • Lender Issues

Arnall Golden Gregory's Mixed-Use Practice Team is excited to be a leader in the field of mixed-use development and stands ready to assist clients in all areas necessary to create a successful development.  We have been involved with transactions in a variety of locations across the country, including Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; Birmingham, Alabama; Macon, Georgia and numerous other locations.