Government Investigations and Special Matters

Arnall Golden Gregory’s Government Investigations and Special Matters Practice focuses on: 

  • Representing companies, boards of directors, and individuals (including officers and directors) facing government and regulatory inquiries, investigations, and prosecutions;
  • Providing strategic advice and guidance regarding corporate crisis management; and
  • Advising corporations on governance and compliance issues.

The AGG Government Investigations and Special Matters team includes former federal prosecutors and former state and federal regulators. We represent individuals and companies in grand jury investigations, regulatory inquiries and investigations, trials and appeals. Our attorneys are experienced in working with company management to respond to and manage organizational crises that may threaten the continued existence of the corporation. We have successfully represented companies and individuals, including executives of public companies, in civil and criminal investigations before the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, the SEC, FDA, EPA, USDA, and many other federal and state regulatory and enforcement agencies.

In addition to our experience representing clients throughout the criminal process, we also provide a coordinated response to parallel civil and regulatory proceedings. We assist boards of directors and executive management teams with the many complex and related issues that frequently accompany these proceedings, including civil litigation, media interest, and reputational concerns. Strategies and decisions in one proceeding can have profound impact in another, and we provide strategic advice to assist our clients to navigate what are often uncharted waters facing their organizations.

Our team understands that a criminal indictment, even if the government prosecution fails, can itself be extremely damaging to an organization. Thus, we work vigorously to prevent such government action and have a strong track record of doing so. We have successfully represented individuals and companies in a broad array of criminal and regulatory matters, including healthcare fraud and FDA cases, securities and insider trading cases, antitrust matters, criminal environmental investigations, bank fraud cases, and employee embezzlement cases.

A thorough and early internal investigation can be crucial in defending allegations of criminal, regulatory, and civil misconduct.  Our team is experienced in conducting thorough and efficient internal investigations, working with in-house counsel, senior management, and/or special committees formed by boards of directors.  Such investigations, along with the consideration of voluntary disclosure, can make the difference between a government investigation and a government prosecution. We advise our clients on these and related issues and also help develop innovative and creative solutions for problems discovered during an internal investigation.

AGG attorneys are experienced in developing and implementing corporate compliance programs, as well as business codes of conduct and ethics for public and private companies. With practices spanning many disciplines, our attorneys understand the value of compliance programs that meet the unique needs of each client, incorporating industry standards, regulatory schemes, and guidance from the Federal Sentencing Commission, the Department of Justice/Antitrust Division Corporate Leniency Program, and the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.  Because the existence of an effective compliance program can give an organization the tools it needs to identify issues before they rise to the level of an investigation and because it is an important defense when responding to government inquiries and defending civil litigation, our attorneys frequently assist companies in drafting and implementing such programs.