Entertainment and Sports

The Sports and Entertainment Team is dedicated to serving AGG’s clients in all areas of the entertainment industry, such as film, television, radio, theater, music, visual arts, publishing and athletics. Our experience and expertise include a wide variety of matters, such as negotiating complex transactions, talent development, investment and financing, intellectual property protection and licensing, and wealth transfer and charitable planning, to name a few. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, we help our clients navigate the inevitable legal and business challenges, offering the peace of mind and confidence necessary for our clients to focus their energies on creative pursuits. Several notable projects are highlighted below as representative of the work our attorneys do in these areas.

AGG counsels major and independent film production companies in connection with business and legal matters related to film production, from start to finish, including financing arrangements, talent negotiations and contractual engagements, production requirements, IP protection and licensing, content clearance, advertising and promotions, and ancillary activities. Our team also has specialized expertise with respect to the dynamic film tax credit universe.

Recent Projects:

  • Represented a major film studio with all production elements associated with a feature film project. 
  • Represented independent production companies with various film-related projects including, private placement, script acquisition, financing and investment matters, director, casting and producer agreements, talent and production crew agreements, location releases, intellectual property protection, and merchandising arrangements.

Our expertise includes working with clients in the broadcast, cable, on-demand, and streaming television business, with experience including project development and production, property licensing and distribution, and intellectual property protection and exploitation. AGG clients range from production companies, to talent and third party vendors and service providers.

Recent Projects:

  • Counsel for national television cable channel assisting in-house legal team with a variety of matters, including intellectual property matters, production and talent agreements, location releases, and technology agreements. 
  • Assisted the producers of a hit reality television show with the negotiation of numerous development agreements.
  • Represented a television production company in its formation, fundraising efforts and talent agreements, and sponsorship and product placement engagements.
  • Our expertise includes negotiating contracts for on-air media clients, e.g. ABC, CNN, NPR, Buzzfeed, as well as severance packages for media employees.

Our attorneys assist theatrical production companies in a variety of areas, such as negotiation of contracts with on-stage and other creative talent, licensing of music and stage adaptation rights on original works, and other intellectual property matters, and all legal issues associated with live-stage productions.

Recent Projects:

  • Assisted a live-theatre production company with legal matters associated with its international tour, including its formation, private placement, venue and artist agreements, and intellectual property matters. 
  • Provide pro bono legal assistance to the Center for Puppetry Arts on all contract, licensing and intellectual property matters.

Our team has represented numerous Grammy award nominated and winning recording artists, independent artists, major and independent record labels, unsigned artists, songwriters, composers, producers, venues, touring/production companies, management teams, recording studios, music retailers and a national association of independent media stores. AGG attorneys have a long record of working with promotors and production companies in connection with music festivals and similar events of all shapes and sizes.

Recent Projects: 

  • Successfully defended a multi-million selling Grammy Award-winning recording artist in a copyright infringement suit.
  • General counsel to award winning multi-day music festivals on land, sea, and trains. 
  • Assist recording Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame artist with 360 Deal and legacy catalog publishing contract.
  • Representation of a specialized vinyl record club in connection with a sale to a major record label.
  • Represent UK record label in federal lawsuit against heirs of GRAMMY Legend Award winner

Visual Art and Images
We represent participants in the visual art world, including museums, galleries, artists and their estates, muralists, photographers, and celebrity tattoo artists. We advise our clients on a broad range of matters ranging from the basics of contracts, licenses and intellectual property protection, to merchandising and commissioning arrangements, to complex sales, sponsorship, and licensing transactions.

Recent Projects:

  • Represent award winning mural and graffiti artist in connection with commissioned works and public installations in connection with the Super Bowl.
  • Assist celebrity tattoo artist with licensing and merchandising matters with a world famous fashion designer.
  • Represent photojournalist in connection with unauthorized publication and exploitation of award winning photographs.

Publishers and Digital Media
AGG lawyers represent a wide-variety of publishers, brand influencers, taste-makers and content creators, including, magazines, journalists, book publishers (traditional and e-books), authors, bloggers, and celebrity influencers. We advise our clients on matters such as literary agent and publishing agreements, trademark and intellectual property fair use, licensing, promotions and advertising.

Recent Projects:

  • Represent largest magazine publisher in US in connection with various content infringement claims.
  • Assist author with securing intellectual property and copyright licenses in connection with the production of an audiobook.