Tattoo Artist Virginia Elwood – Agreement Negotiated for French Fashion Designer Anniversary Event



Virginia Elwood, a well-known tattoo artist based in Brooklyn, NY, needed assistance with drafting a design development agreement with the French fashion designer Zadig & Voltaire in connection with the company’s “10th Anniversary in Hong Kong” event. Zadig & Voltaire was founded by Thierry Gillier, grand-nephew of André Gillier, the co-founder of Lacoste. Elwood selected AGG IP attorney Matthew Wilson to represent her because she was pleased with the work Matt had previously done for her.




AGG reviewed the development agreement provided by Z&V and led the negotiations of the relevant deal terms, including: (1) the required deliverables; (2) the scope of the license (e.g., territory, use and term); (3) personal appearance obligations; and (4) fees and expenses.




Elwood delivered designs that will be used for the Z&V specialty line and visited Hong Kong in connection with the release of the line.