Copyright Litigation


AGG has been litigating highly complex software copyright infringement matters since the mid-1980s.  Our Copyright attorneys are adept at obtaining temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctive relief and, on more than one occasion, have obtained and executed on ex parte seizure orders. We are familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the ways that this act can be used as a sword and a shield and as a way to avoid litigation.

While we have registered copyrights for a large array of works, our experience in copyrighting software, and in litigating copyright infringement disputes concerning software, is unmatched. Our Copyright attorneys are adept at handling such disputes since before there was much law on the topic. From prosecuting infringement cases involving large main frame computer programs to claims by the Business Software Alliance that a company is illegally using desktop software, we have provided practical, efficient services to our clients.

We have been a member of, and our attorneys have held leadership positions in, the Copyright Society of the U.S. for well over a decade.