AGG Talks: Healthcare Insights Podcast

Our podcast series features AGG’s Healthcare attorneys delving into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the healthcare industry. From regulatory updates to cutting-edge technologies, we bring you insightful guidance and thought-provoking discussions to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. While we do not provide care, we nevertheless consider ourselves part of the healthcare community. We enjoy sharing what we have learned after working with clients throughout the country, as well as giving our thoughts on new opportunities and challenges facing the industry, whether regulatory, reimbursement, compliance, or otherwise.

Episode 1: A Primer for Providers When Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay

In this episode AGG Healthcare Litigation co-chair Jason Bring is joined by AGG Healthcare Litigation partners Rich Collins and Damon Eisenbrey to discuss commercial payor litigation. Jason, Rich, and Damon offer a primer for healthcare providers on what to do when insurance companies refuse to pay what they rightfully owe. They cover how providers can level the playing field against insurance bureaucracies, which segments of the healthcare industry are more likely to see denials from insurance companies, what providers can do to help avoid denials, and more.