Ashley Steiner Kelly

171 17th Street NW
Suite 2100
Atlanta, Georgia 30363
404.873.7020 phone

Representative Experience

  • Conducted audit of real estate developer’s wage and hour classifications and pay practices, identifying potential areas of risk and advising regarding the implementation of best practices going forward.
  • Represented the Board of Directors of a financial institution in connection with an internal investigation of the client's Chief Executive Officer regarding complaints of discrimination and harassment, completing the investigation and advising the client regarding appropriate action without claims being asserted by the complainant or the CEO.
  • Successfully defended an IT staffing company against multiple simultaneous charges of race discrimination, resolving the matters with no monies paid and avoiding a potential class action.
  • Represented the largest healthcare practice of its type in Georgia in connection with a potential class action alleging race discrimination threatened by current and former employees. Although the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicated that it was going to pursue the case, we were able to negotiate a favorable settlement prior to suit being brought by the plaintiffs or the agency.
  • Advised a multistate distribution company in connection with a comprehensive analysis and overhaul of its restrictive covenant agreements with its workforce, effectively stemming the migration of key employees to its primary competitor.
  • Successfully defended numerous physician practices with respect to related federal court actions alleging improper billing and secured an order granting sanctions against the plaintiff for filing a frivolous lawsuit.
  • Advised Buckeye Pipeline Services Co. with the benefits risks and analysis associated with its company-wide multi-jurisdictional workforce reorganization, including the implementation of voluntary and involuntary reduction programs designed to avoid partial plan termination events.