Mixed-Use Development: The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze

AGG Real Estate partner and Affordable Housing team member, Althea Broughton, authored an article titled “Mixed-Use Development: The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze” for the December 2023 issue of Tax Credit Advisor magazine.

Given the wealth of real estate opportunities mixed-use development presents in the affordable housing and community development industries, Althea provides guidance on a number of issues that must be considered in the creation and financing of mixed-use development, such as low-income housing tax credits, condominium regime creation, master lease structuring, and underwriting and valuation concerns.

“With all these challenges, there may be some real trepidation, but a good mixed-use development can boost the profile of an entire neighborhood and kickstart much-needed economic development,” said Althea. “So, the juice may be worth the squeeze with some detailed planning and the right market.”

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