Beth Moore Discusses House Bill 1180 in Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Beth Moore, AGG Entertainment & Sports co-chair, was quoted in an article published on March 21, 2024, by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discussing the state of Georgia’s entertainment industry, including the highly contested Georgia House Bill 1180 that may limit tax incentives for TV and film production.

“The best thing to do to continue job creation is to leave the credit alone,” Beth explained. “It is working. It has not led to any kind of budgetary crisis. If anything, it has brought in revenue.”

The proposed changes would put in place more requirements for companies to receive the top 30% credit and a limit to how many tax credits could be transferred in any given fiscal year. This could create a potential bottleneck if business is robust.

The article also provided an overview on the current state of Georgia’s TV and film industry, including how the industry is responding to recent challenges stemming from union activity and investment in new soundstages potentially outpacing demand.

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