CFPB Weekly Newsletter: Helping Companies Stay Informed



The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd-Frank Act) established the independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and gave it enormous powers that profoundly affect American business. It’s critical that companies stay well informed about the CFPB as it writes rules, supervises companies and enforces federal consumer financial protection laws. But how can a business efficiently keep tabs on this vitally important branch of government?




Even before the CFPB launched in July 2011, AGG’s Consumer Regulatory team, led by Robert Belair, one of America’s leading privacy and regulatory attorneys, monitored CFPB-related developments in the nation’s capital as the huge federal agency emerged. Mr. Belair began making presentations about the CFPB’s significance and the team developed the weekly CFPB Weekly newsletter to share with clients information about the CFPB’s supervision, enforcement and rulemaking, its consumer complaint response system, and its outreach efforts. The newsletter also informs about federal legislative efforts to reform the CFPB and relevant court cases, and provides other valuable insights.




AGG clients who read the newsletter are frontline observers as the CFPB evolves, and are among the first to know about agency developments and decisions that are important to their businesses.