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Arnall Golden Gregory’s Litigation Insights—a guide to the art and science of effective litigation.


Fall 2016


Social media is everywhere, and while it gives businesses an unprecedented opportunity to reach a record number of consumers at a minimal cost, it can prove to be a double edged sword when disgruntled employees or customers, or even those wishing to capitalize on your trademarks, decide to post about your company online. In this issue of Litigation Insights, we look at how companies can defend themselves against a variety of online assaults.


Summer 2016


Even for companies accustomed to civil lawsuits, when the government is on the other side of the “v,” the prospect of litigation can be intimidating and unfamiliar. In this issue of the Litigation Newsletter, we explore how to effectively to battle—and win—with a different species of plaintiff.


Spring 2016


Potential plaintiffs and freshly sued defendants often discount the importance of damages analysis when it comes to litigation planning and execution. After all, disputes over liability receive far more attention during pretrial motions practice and settlement discussions—where most cases get resolved. But, the amount and recoverability of damages can have a major impact on your dispute regardless of whether it ever reaches trial, and certainly if it does. In this issue of Litigation Insights, we start with a refresher course surveying the various and often misunderstood categories of damages available to civil litigants. Next, we explain how early attention to damages issues, even before a lawsuit has been filed, can enhance your prospects for a litigation victory.


Winter 2016


Mock jury exercises, focus groups, and jury research are well-established tools that inform trial strategy and guide counsel and their clients to make educated decisions about their case. But the field is changing. In this issue of Litigation Insights, we explain why attorneys and their clients are utilizing various forms of these tools with greater frequency and long before the case proceeds to trial. We also explore methods to conduct a mock jury exercise without blowing your litigation budget. Click here to read this edition.


Special Edition – New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure


Sweeping changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure go into effect on December 1, 2015. You probably knew that. This special issue of Litigation Insights is devoted entirely to the changes to the FRCP. We are not here to recite these changes chapter and verse. Rather we want to give you suggestions on how to best utilize these new Rules to your strategic advantage. How can you capitalize on the new Rules to help you win your case? How will the changes to the Rules save you time, money, and aggravation? With those goals in mind, we address a few of the most important changes. The good news is the new Rules are designed to make the litigation more efficient and practical. Litigation is rarely fun for the parties involved, but we are confident that an awareness of the new Rules will give you an advantage. Click here to read this edition.


Fall 2015


Rule 30(b)(6) depositions can significantly shape the direction of your case and settlement prospects. So, when you receive a 30(b)(6) deposition notice, you need to be sure you properly select and prepare your representative witnesses for the ordeal they’re about to face. In this issue of Litigation Insights, we offer helpful tools you can use to maintain control of the process and ensure your witnesses are ready for the challenges that await them. Click here to read this edition.


Summer 2015 


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Arnall Golden Gregory’s Litigation Insights—a guide to the art and science of effective litigation. In this issue, we explore strategies for securing or preventing an award of attorneys’ fees. We trust that you will find these insights helpful. If you have any suggestions for future newsletters, or if we can ever be of assistance, we’re just a phone call away.  Click here to read this edition.