Built to Last: Georgia’s Interconnected Film and Television Industry

Georgia’s rapid film and television industry success is built to last. That’s according to AGG Entertainment & Sports co-chair Matt Wilson, whose article about “the Hollywood of the South,” published in Oz Magazine on April 19, 2023.

In the article, Matt analyzes the many factors that led to the sustained growth of this prolonged success, including the initial firm tax credit in 2005 that helped with this boom.

“In terms of direct spending, production expenditures increased from approximately $20 million in 2007 to $4.4 billion in 2022, with the pandemic causing the only temporary interruption,” said Matt.

Financial incentives launched by the government aimed at the film and television industries helped Georgia prepare the ground for investment. However, Matt explained that while these incentives may have spurred the initial growth, they did not sustain it.

“The state’s diverse geography, moderate climate and modern transportation infrastructure — coupled with a competitive subsidy program — proved to be an ideal incubator for the development of a homegrown industry,” Matt said, noting that these things, seemingly not as alluring as tax incentives, played a big part in the expansion.

Matt walks readers through the main contributors to the explosive success of Georgia’s film and entertainment industries, including the growing number of production studios and service providers, a strong labor force and growing job market, a full-service industry center, the affordability center, Georgia’s strong economy, and the authenticity and personality of the state.

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