Beth Moore Explores Legal Landscape for Muralists in Art Business News

While mural artwork can become a beloved community landmark for members of the public, the painters who create these fixtures and property owners of their “canvases” face a complex legal framework related to the actual ownership of the work, as well as the production, maintenance, and protection of the murals as one-of-a-kind pieces of art and investments in the property. With these challenges in mind, AGG Entertainment & Sports co-chair Beth Moore authored an article published by Art Business News on August 9, 2023, that provides perspective on some key questions for artists and property owners.

“The best way to protect both the muralist creating the art and the property owner commissioning it is to discuss the terms of engagement at the start and enter into a written agreement memorializing the parties’ understanding before the work begins,” Beth explained. “Having an experienced attorney draft the contract couldn’t hurt either.”

Among the questions Beth offered her perspective on include:

  • Who owns the copyright to a mural?
  • What licenses are needed for a mural?
  • How are muralists compensated for their work?
  • Who maintains the mural over time?

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