AGG Talks: Antitrust and White-Collar Crime Roundup

Our podcast series is hosted by Jeff Jacobovitz, AGG trial attorney and chair of the Antitrust group. Jeff is joined by some of the foremost legal analysts in the country to discuss the legal facts surrounding recent cases, trends, and hot topics related to antitrust and white-collar crime.

Episode 1: The New York Trump Indictment

In this episode, Jeff Jacobovitz, AGG trial attorney and chair of the firm’s Antitrust group, tackles the New York indictment of former President Trump with Cynthia Alksne, a career federal prosecutor, MSNBC legal analyst, and expert on criminal law, grand jury and police investigations, and confrontational interviewing techniques. Jeff and Cynthia — who have handled cases involving weeks of grand jury investigations leading to dozens of indictments and possess a deep understanding of DOJ and state investigative policies, grand jury protocols, and FBI practices and procedures — discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Trump indictment, the necessity of underlying claims such as tax issues and election concealment, the timing of the trial, and more.

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