Teri Simmons Discusses Best Practices for Minimizing the Impact of Federal Visa Roadblocks in Virginia Economic Review

In an article published in the first quarter 2024 issue of the Virginia Economic Review, Teri Simmons, director of AGG’s International/Immigration practice, offered her insights in an article titled “Best Practices for Minimizing the Impact of Federal Visa Roadblocks.”

For foreign companies looking to invest in Virginia, federal visa requirements have become an important step in the site selection process. However, the lead time on visa processing, handled at the federal level, can be longer than expected.

Teri shared that no state agency has done better at mitigating visa issues than the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, which helps investors and businesses navigate barriers and delays.

Many businesses in Virginia and across the U.S. prefer to hire a qualified American and avoid the visa process. Yet, some expertise, including highly trained programmers and machine operators in the manufacturing industry, as well as science, technology, and engineering degree holders, is in short supply.

“If you bring skilled people into areas where there is a deficit of workers, then you enable companies to expand,” said Teri. “That expansion will allow for more business and that additional business will allow for more employment, not less, including for Americans.”

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