Matt Lavin Quoted in Law360 Article Titled “9th Circ. Revives $8.6M Reimbursement Suit Against Cigna”

AGG Healthcare and Commercial Litigation partner Matt Lavin was quoted in a Law360 article titled “9th Circ. Revives $8.6M Reimbursement Suit Against Cigna,” discussing Bristol SL Holdings, Inc. v. Cigna Health and Life Insurance et al. Matt represented Bristol SL Holdings, Inc. in the lawsuit.

The Ninth Circuit reversed a lower court’s dismissal of the lawsuit, which accused Cigna of violating federal benefits law by denying $8.6 million worth of reimbursement requests for out-of-network mental health and substance abuse treatment from Sure Haven, a company that claimed Cigna drove it into bankruptcy. The court ruled that Bristol SL Holdings, Inc, successor-in-interest to Sure Haven, had standing to pursue an Employee Retirement Income Security Act suit over the insurer’s coverage denials.

Billion-dollar insurance companies “can’t put hard-working, disproportionately smaller healthcare providers out of business and then duck liability for the services their members had received.” said Matt.

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