Matt Lavin Quoted in Law360 Article Discussing Petition for Rehearing in Wit v. United Behavioral Health

AGG Healthcare Litigation partner Matt Lavin was quoted in a June 30, 2023, Law360 article titled “5 ERISA Cases to Watch in 2023’s Second Half.”

Matt shared his insight regarding the petition for rehearing en banc in Wit v. United Behavioral Health, in which the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that a certified class of patients could not force United Behavioral Health to reprocess 67,000 claims. The Ninth Circuit’s three-judge panel “found the combined class couldn’t use ERISA to force reprocessing and knocked out certification on the denial-of-benefits claim, holding that “reprocessing is not truly the remedy that plaintiffs seek, it is the means to the remedy that they seek.”

Matt said the case’s outcome was “extremely important in healthcare, because the majority of people in this country have insurance through their employer.” He added that the decision also comes at a time when Americans are experiencing an “addiction and suicide and mental health crisis, like never before in this country.”

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