Jonathan Eady Discusses AGG’s Strong Year and Outlook in the Daily Report

In an article published by the Daily Report on August 31, 2022, AGG managing partner Jonathan Eady discussed the firm’s growth and increases in client service in recent years, noting rising billable hours thus far in 2022 and expectations for revenue to be up over 5% in 2022.

Amid rising demand for legal services in the region, Jonathan said AGG is busier than in previous years with partner and associate billable hours up. However, while interest rates have impacted dealmaking practices across the market, Jonathan discussed how the firm’s broad line of practice areas has insulated it from potential economic woes.

“We have the advantage as a firm of having an incredibly diverse client base and a very broad number of generators of business,” Jonathan said.

Related to the firm’s steady growth, Jonathan also discussed the firm’s plans to upgrade its office space in Atlanta, which will be fully complete by May 2023. The renovated space will help accommodate the ongoing additions of new attorneys in Atlanta and sustaining the effective hybrid work model the firm has implemented.

“Part of it is a combination of technology and just comfort that lawyers and non-lawyer personnel developed while being productive away from the office,” Jonathan said. “It allows people to have greater flexibility.”

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