Anton Mertens Quoted in SHRM Article on Supporting Workers Overseas

AGG Immigration & Global Mobility of counsel Anton Mertens was quoted in an article titled “Supporting Workers Overseas,” published on September 30, 2023, by Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”).

The article discusses how employers and traveling workers can navigate cultural differences and legal issues when working overseas. Anton provides insight into common business practices and behaviors that require the attention of business professionals working abroad.

“The main thing is to get familiar [in advance] with what’s going on, where you’re going,” said Anton. “You make a mistake, and it costs money.”

Anton warns of the propensity for people in foreign countries to haggle, which is a practice many Americans have to get used to. He further details that it is proper business etiquette to shake hands when giving greetings or salutations and to use honorifics for individuals from countries like France, Belgium, and Germany. It is also imperative to practice timeliness and to never be unintentionally dismissive. Additionally, Anton suggests always looking at a business card before pocketing it.

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