Alan Horowitz Quoted in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Regarding Impact of Posting Disputed Nursing Home Survey Citations

AGG Healthcare of counsel Alan C. Horowitz was quoted in an article by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News regarding how the “unfair” posting of disputed nursing home survey citations will tarnish operators.

Following the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ announcement that it would be adding deficiencies currently in the Informal Dispute Resolution or Independent Informal Dispute Resolution process to facility listings starting January 25, 2023, Alan told McKnight’s that the move may ultimately make it harder for consumers to decipher high-quality providers from lesser performers.

“Transparency seems to be a one-way street here,” Alan said. “If a provider is successful, you’ve already posted an allegation of a deficiency. If it turns out that there is no deficiency, do you just remove the allegation, without an apology? Do you provide the reasoning that shows the surveyors got it wrong?”

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