Rich Collins Spoke at 2022 Recovery Research Summit: Advancing a Recovery-Ready Nation

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September 15, 2022

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AGG Healthcare Litigation partner Rich Collins spoke at the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation 2022 Recovery Research Summit: Advancing a Recovery-Ready Nation on September 15. Rich participated in a panel titled, “The Role of the Press in Eliminating Stigma and the Law in Eliminating Discrimination.”

Rich discussed how the stigma surrounding substance use disorder (“SUD”) influences the way health insurance companies provide benefits for SUD services, including level of care guidelines, coverage guidelines, and reimbursement policies. Additionally, he covered the role of employers and the 2022 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, which points to hope on the horizon for SUD treatment.

During the summit, speakers shared that although there has been progress in making SUD treatment and recovery more accessible, barriers remain. Some of the solutions addressed include a more comprehensive approach to SUD treatment that informs healthcare providers of the signs and symptoms of co-occurring diagnoses and the need for SUD treatment, a more equitable approach to making treatment and health insurance benefits accessible and affordable to those suffering with SUD, and a more informed and empathetic general public to ameliorate the effects of stigma and prejudice.

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