Horizon PCS, Gulf Coast Wireless, Swiftel - AGG Helps Close Three Alternate Financing Plans After Market Crash


Over the course of nine years, AGG represented a series of network partners of Sprint PCS: Horizon PCS, Gulf Coast Wireless and Swiftel Communications. These clients – among 18 independent wireless carriers working with Sprint – were critical to Sprint’s plan to construct an all-PCS wireless network throughout the entire country. The network partners’ role was to construct and operate wireless networks for Sprint in many smaller cities and rural areas. This allowed Sprint to focus on the build out of major metropolitan areas. The challenge to Sprint and the network partners was to develop a long-term sophisticated legal framework that would achieve Sprint’s and provide a viable business plan for the network partners.


Through its representation of Horizon PCS, one of the inaugural network partners, AGG provided meaningful input into the development of the management/affiliation agreements between Sprint and the network partners. During its lengthy involvement, AGG represented network partners in their continuing relationship with Sprint, addressing the difficult technology, commercial and regulatory hurdles facing the wireless telecom industry. The affiliation relationship between Sprint and the network partners required constant modification and negotiation because of the ever changing nature of the wireless industry. AGG played a substantial role in the negotiation of this ongoing relationship.


Ultimately, AGG represented Horizon PCS in its successful sale to another Sprint network partner. AGG also represented Gulf Coast Wireless in the later stages of its Sprint relationship and its ultimate successful sale to Sprint PCS. And lastly, AGG represented Swiftel Communications through the successful restructuring of its affiliation relationship with Sprint.