Horticulture Supply Company - Aggressive Stance Curbs Competition From Former Salesperson


A former salesperson of a horticulture supply company left to join a direct competitor, taking a key customer list that he was using to solicit business from his former company’s customers. After initially consulting with other counsel, the company contacted AGG seeking a more proactive approach to solve the company’s business problem.


After listening carefully to the company’s goals and their concerns with their former counsel’s approach, AGG promptly initiated litigation within days of receiving the matter, seeking immediate injunctive relief and expedited discovery designed to flush out the full extent of the competition perpetrated by the company’s former salesperson. With its approach, AGG pivoted quickly from unproductive negotiations into a litigation strategy designed to force negotiations on their terms.


AGG’s aggressive approach resulted in the prompt entry of a consent injunction restricting competition by the company’s former salesperson, extended their contractual protections and secured the return of its proprietary customer list. AGG since has received additional work from the horticulture supply company.