Hunting and Sports Apparel Merchandiser - Use of Client's Logo Defended



The client makes hunting and other sports apparel that is sold online. The company uses a particular stylized logo trademark, which it protects globally. But another, much larger clothing manufacturer, operating in 60 countries, opposed the client’s trademark application for its logo. Arnall Golden Gregory was tapped to defend the client’s use of the logo.



Arnall Golden Gregory obtained a resolution to the trademark opposition proceeding through negotiation. AGG advanced its client’s position that there was no possibility of confusion between the two companies’ trademarks because the companies do not operate in the same apparel niche space. Further, the opposing party did not demonstrate a clear basis to successfully contest the client’s trademark application.



The opponent was persuaded by AGG’s argument. As a result, the client made only minimal changes to its trademark application and can continue with its trademark use and registration in the opponent’s home country. The client’s logo was not changed.