Tycho H.E. Stahl

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Atlanta, Georgia 30363
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Representative Experience

  • A European manufacturer of safety pressure valves for oil refinery and similar markets over the life cycle of its North American joint venture: first in entering into the North American marketing joint venture and acquiring U.S. specification designs to round out its worldwide intellectual property portfolio, then in resolution of periodic issues arising in relations with its U.S. partner, and finally after several years in terminating the joint venture while protecting the manufacturer’s assets and avoiding litigation.
  • An Austrian manufacturer of solar inverters and welding equipment in legal aspects of a national site selection search, including negotiation of an incentive package valued at about $20 million in connection with its $40 million investment in a North American headquarters and manufacturing facility expected to create about 700 jobs. Further assisted in negotiation of local tax abatements and acquisition of real estate.
  • A leading multinational security software, applications and tools company for consumer and business markets in defining a holding company structure to protect core intellectual property assets, drafting a portfolio of worldwide licensing and development agreements (including terms applicable to 100 million world-wide users), and in an acquisition of a “value-added” service provider in the U.S.
  • A German producer and refurbisher of heavy “consumables” for the production of cold-rolled steel coil in the establishment of U.S. manufacturing facilities, including negotiation of an incentives package providing for local community financing of 70% of the initial value of the U.S. facility without guarantee by the foreign parent. Ultimately assisted the parent in selling the U.S. operation to a competitor on its exit from the North American market.
  • Various U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-headquartered manufacturers for the automotive supply chain in negotiation of commercial arrangements with the major automotive OEMs, including in connection with insolvency risk of customers and shut-down of U.S. assembly and manufacturing facilities.
  • Dozens of European manufacturing, consumer products, software, and professional services firms with respect to U.S. market entry strategy, including mode of market entry consuming fewest financial and management resources, protecting key home country assets from U.S. legal and business risks, general business set-up, employment, commercial and visa matters.
  • A significant manufacturer of components for automotive, truck, marine / military and related applications in its acquisition of a manufacturer of similar components for civilian and military aerospace, missile and satellite and manned spacecraft applications and in resolution of post-acquisition claims against the selling shareholders.
  • A leading European manufacturer of consumer health care, beauty and diagnostic equipment in negotiating marketing and distribution joint ventures for the North American and Latin American markets.
  • A German manufacturer of components for the railway engine supply chain and consumer products markets in establishing a manufacturing joint venture for the North American market.
  • A French insurance company and its North American affiliates in a restructuring of its Latin and South American subsidiaries.
  • Various component manufacturers for the wind-turbine, solar, and automotive supply chains in establishing U.S. assembly, manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the United States.
  • An international cellular telecommunications provider and affiliates in a rights offering of Common Stock and Notes with an aggregate principal amount of $180,800,000, issued and registered for resale in exchange for cancellation of $2.3 billion in outstanding notes and other unsecured claims and $140,000,000 to fund the post-restructuring business plan.
  • The Taiwan subsidiary of a German provider of testing and measurement services in its acquisition of a measurement and testing services business in Taiwan and the U.S. subsidiary in its acquisition and disposition of various businesses, establishment of joint ventures in Canada and the U.S., and ongoing corporate and commercial issues.
  • U.K. and Boston-based hedge funds in PIPE investments in various NASDAQ-listed companies.
  • The shareholders of a family-owned publishing business in connection with the sale of substantially all of its assets for $20,000,000 in cash and NASDAQ-listed Common Stock of a publishing and media holding company.
  • A Latin American energy fund in investment rounds in which the International Finance Corporation (World Bank), Latin America Infrastructure Fund and U.S. utilities invested an aggregate of $40,000,000.

  • A Chinese internet portal (a WOFE under Chinese law) and its U.S. affiliates in equity investments by U.S. and Asian funds.
  • Various public companies in their implementation of rights offerings (e.g., “poison pills).
  • A U.S. supplier of performance auto components to high-end automobile manufacturers in its acquisition of a German competitor.

  • A U.S. defense and telecommunications contractor in a $40,000,000 secondary offering.
  • Subordinated lenders in the exchange of $300,000,000 in accrued subordinated debt of a map publishing house for newly issued equity securities.
  • A healthcare services provider and its principals in a recapitalization and partial cash-out of the founders involving $28,000,000 in equity and debt financing provided by a Chicago private equity fund and bank lenders.
  • Various private equity funds in venture capital investments in technologies throughout the U.S. and Israel.