Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

Like our clients, the attorneys at Arnall Golden Gregory understand that strategic alliances and joint ventures are often useful alternatives to traditional Mergers and Acquisitions transactions as a means to achieve key business goals. Companies can take advantage of strategic alliances or joint ventures to gain access to significant technologies, expand into new markets, fund or develop alternatives to internal research and development efforts, outsource non-core business functions, strengthen management and gain access to brands, distribution channels and customers. Ultimately relationships of this nature can, and are intended to, increase revenues and growth of the partners involved.

Given the complexity of the parties’ often divergent goals and interests, each strategic alliance arrangement or joint venture can be unique and must be crafted based upon a thorough understanding of the parties’ industries and businesses, as well as their requirements, objectives and concerns for their new arrangement.  Our joint venture attorneys listen carefully to the parties and then use the perspective gained, coupled with our broad range of industry experience and a strong team of supporting regulatory, business, tax and intellectual property lawyers, to create a coherent structure that optimizes the goals of our client and meets the needs of all parties involved.

The attorneys in our Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Practice collectively have a deep familiarity of many different industries, including consumer products, healthcare, finance, logistics and transportation, manufacturing and distribution, telecommunications, software and technology.  We are able to leverage that industry knowledge with extensive experience in the structuring and negotiation of joint ventures as well as the unwinding of such arrangements when necessary to anticipate any pitfalls that might arise, including those related to management and corporate control, non-competition, exclusivity, exit strategies and dispute resolution, and address them before they can become obstacles to a successful alliance.  In this manner we add great value and achieve the best business results for our clients.