Inbound Foreign Investment

Arnall Golden Gregory’s Inbound Foreign Business team actively assists foreign companies and individuals in their growth strategies in the United States.  The team has a particular emphasis on countries such as Germany, England, Israel, Russia and South Korea and travels on a regular basis to these locations.  The focus of the team is multi-disciplinary and includes Arnall Golden Gregory’s real estate, corporate, immigration, litigation and intellectual property teams.  Additionally, the team includes attorneys who are fluent in German, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew.

Arnall Golden Gregory is able to offer practical advice to its international clients and is focused on being an active partner.  In particular, Arnall Golden Gregory is well known for its interest in thinking as the client, learning about the various subtleties and needs of the client.  The firm’s active involvement in various industry groups allows the firm to better assist the client when issues arise.

Given the continued travel to and from Israel, and activities complemented with the firm’s commitment to the International Bar Association (“IBA”), the firm works diligently to best understand the needs of the Israeli client.  These needs are satisfied in many ways, including better understanding the needs of the client and cases by making introduction of Israeli investors to U.S. investments, a program which has yielded multiple successes.

AGG supports its legal services with multilingual legal professionals, employing attorneys from Russia, Germany, India and Argentina and attorneys and paralegals fluent in Russian, German, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Mandarin & Cantonese, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Romanian and Yoruba.

The firm is actively involved in numerous groups including the International Bar Association, the cross-border section of the American Bar Association.