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September 27, 2016

Pop-Up Retail Shops: Considerations to Keep You Ahead of the Latest Trend
By: Quinten E. Wilson

Traditionally, pop-up shops have largely been utilized by seasonal retailers. Many consumers have go-to stores for Halloween costumes or Christmas decorations that appear like clockwork just in time every year for their holiday needs. More and more, however, pop-up shops are being used by smaller, trendier retailers. Whether it’s an independent fashion designer seeking space for her new line of totally unique yoga pants or a local beekeeper looking to sell his colony’s latest batch of gluten-free, 100% organic honey, an increasing number of artisans are seeking a way to gain publicity and reach new customers while still operating within a more modest budget. Pop-ups allow these sorts of retailers and the mobility and flexibility move to their goods and services to different parts of town, while the short-term nature of their existence also helps build a sense of urgency for the customer, as well as an exclusiveness that can help elevate their brand. More >


Should I Accept My Tenant’s Rent Payment?

By: James A. Gober


When a retail (or office) tenant falls behind in its rent payments, landlords or their representatives frequently ask what appears to be a simple question: “Should I accept the tenant’s rent payment?” The answer is not at all simple and could easily be wrong if the landlord does not carefully consider its business objectives and the applicable law. More >

Does Mikey Really “Like It?” – New Media Advertising and the Use of Endorsements
By: Matthew V. Wilson

Any casual user of new (digital) media can attest to the growing popularity of the medium among advertisers. Solicitations promoting goods and services now pepper the newsfeeds of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; paid advertisements introduce most YouTube videos; and ads even sneak their way into the most private and seemingly closed platforms such as Pinterest. Among the many advertising techniques employed in the social media space, the user endorsement reigns supreme. Through celebrity testimonials, user reviews, and product placements, advertisers are able to directly, and oftentimes seamlessly, reach a broad and sophisticated audience without much effort or expenditure. More >


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