Belnick, Inc.

Funding Clicks for Online Store

How AGG negotiated optimum deal with private equity investor.


Belnick, Inc., is a Georgia-based, family company that imports furniture to sell online. Belnick garnered national attention because the founder, Sean Belnick, was just 14 when he started the company in 2001 and grew it to a multimillion-dollar business with more than 5,000 products and warehouses in three states. Fifteen years after founding Belnick, the young entrepreneur sought to recapitalize the business and close the deal on an accelerated schedule. More than 100 private equity investors showed interest in investing in Belnick. Arnall Golden Gregory was brought in to negotiate the best deal possible for the seller. More

Sterling Restaurants, LLC

Appetite For Growth Satisfied

How acquisitions in several states doubled size of franchisee.


Sterling Restaurants, LLC is the largest franchisee operating Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurants. In 2016, the International Franchise Association named Sterling the Moe’s Southwest Grill Franchisee of the Year. Sterling sought to expand its Moe’s portfolio by acquiring, in two transactions, 31 additional restaurants in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Arnall Golden Gregory, counsel to Sterling since its founding in 2009, was tasked with handling the complex corporate, financing and real estate legal issues related to the purchases. More

Focused Management, Inc.

CFPB 'Corrects' After Protest

How citing government errors helped client win $20 million contract.


Focused Management, Inc. (“FMI”), a small business with 115 employees based in Alexandria, Va., was founded by a service-disabled veteran in 1994. FMI delivers information technology services and administrative support to government agencies and commercial entities. FMI’s subcontractor, AAC, Inc., was the incumbent contractor at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. CFPB awarded a $20 million contract to one of FMI’s/AAC’s competitors. FMI, backed by AAC, which had a stake in the outcome, retained AGG to represent the company in a bid protest before the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to overturn CFPB’s $20 million award to its competitor so that the FMI/AAC team would have a second chance to bid on the contract. More

Trio Healthcare Investors, LLC

3 Executives Form New Business

How start-up quickly became operational thanks to AGG teamwork.


A nationwide owner and operator of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and ancillary businesses spun off the operations of its skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities Three executives who had previously worked with Arnall Golden Gregory’s Regulatory Healthcare Transactions (RHT) Team sought to start their own business by acquiring the operations of a dozen of the facilities in Virginia. For tax and business reasons, the seller was on an accelerated schedule, so the three executives had to move quickly to form the new business. More

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