InterContinental Hotels Group

World Class Lease Deal

How client’s massive office space needs were resolved.


InterContinental Hotels Group operates more than 722,000 rooms in 4,900-plus hotels in nearly 100 countries. Its global headquarters is in the UK but its Americas headquarters is in Atlanta. In 2014, IHG set out to either move its Americas headquarters to another building or stay in its current location but have its offices refurbished and its space expanded. It chose to stay in place and lease 488,000-plus square feet on 18 floors. The deal is the largest single office lease transaction in the Atlanta area in 2015, and one of the largest ever in the metro area. It is also the largest transaction of its kind for the client. Arnall Golden Gregory was hired to negotiate the lease. More

Colonial Pipeline

In The Deal Flow

How AGG addressed corporate, real estate, employment and environmental issues.


Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Colonial Pipeline controls more than 5,500 miles of underground pipe and above ground storage tanks and pump stations. The company transports on a daily basis more than 100 million gallons of fuel, most of which originates in the Gulf of Mexico region. To enhance its services, Colonial sought to purchase Shell Pipeline Company’s interest in the Port Arthur Products Station and Shell Ex Facility, known as PAPS. Shell’s interest in PAPS consisted of a portion of the facilities owned wholly by Shell and another portion owed jointly with Valero Energy Corp. The company called on its longtime legal counsel, Arnall Golden Gregory, to facilitate the complicated deal. More

Beltline Energy

Solar Project Shines

How AGG structured a deal that benefited developer and community.


The Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative offers solar developers the opportunity to bring solar arrays to market through a competitive bid process. Client Beltline Energy won the bid to build a 3MW solar farm in rural Tattnall County in southeast Georgia. Arnall Golden Gregory advised on structuring a deal that benefited both the developer and the community. More


The Right Solution

How AGG’s FTC ties helped client resolve a crippling anti-competitive issue.


UPPI, LLC is a network of dozens of independent radiopharmacies spread across the U.S. Arnall Golden Gregory has been UPPI’s legal adviser for many years. In 2009, the client raised an antitrust issue with AGG. It said Cardinal Health, a $100 billion-plus health services company, was using anti-competitive practices to block UPPI members out of markets. UPPI sought AGG’s help in solving this problem. More

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