UPDATE: Medicare Relief Funds Attestation Now Available

For AGG’s initial article related to the Medicare Relief Funds and Terms and Conditions of the funding, click here.

As discussed in our previous article, healthcare providers that received Medicare relief funds must sign an attestation confirming receipt of the funds and agreeing to the terms and conditions of payment.  The attestation is now available at the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Payment Attestation Portal.  In order to complete the attestation, providers must complete and click through 5 pages: (1) confirmation of eligibility, (2) confirmation of federal tax identification number, (3) payment verification confirmation, (4) attestation confirmation, and (5) final confirmation and submission.

Note that providers that choose to keep the funds must sign the attestation within 30 days of receipt of the funds.  Providers that do not wish to comply with the terms and conditions of the funds must contact the Department of Health and Human Services within 30 days of receipt of payment and then remit full payment.

For more information, please contact Hedy S. Rubinger or Alexander B. Foster.

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