Co-Authorship Takeaways From Pop Star Copyright Battles

AGG Entertainment & Sports team co-leader Matt Wilson authored an article published by Law360 on U.S. copyright law, the joint work analysis, and the importance of a signed agreement when musicians collaborate on the songwriting process, pointing to lawsuits involving Post Malone and Lizzo as an example of potential legal issues.

Matt recommends that “the best way to avoid these unintended outcomes is for writers, producers, and recording artists to memorialize their intentions and expectations in a signed agreement — preferably before the commencement of the writing process.”

“In most instances, a so-called split sheet may be used to outline ownership splits, in addition to other related terms, such as administrative rights and procedures, conditions and restrictions for third-party uses, first recording rights, and authorizations related to lyrical and/or arrangement changes,” he adds.

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