Class Action Antitrust Lawsuit Filed Against Jubilant DraxImage

A major antitrust class action case was filed in Alabama against Jubilant DraxImage, a supplier of radiology medicines. The case was brought by Jeffrey Jacobovitz of AGG and Labaton Sucherow LLP, a class action firm based in New York. Mr. Jacobovitz represents UPPI, the trade association for independent nuclear pharmacies. Labaton represents the class Plaintiff, Ion South-Mobile LLC, an independent nuclear pharmacy.

The case alleges that Jubilant has monopolized the market and is a sole source supplier of two critical radiopharmaceutical medicines needed by consumers and the pharmacies. The allegations include violations of Section 2 of the Sherman Act and anticompetitive conduct involving “tying” and “bundling” of the products.

Jubilant has raised prices on two nuclear medicines between 500 percent and nearly 1800 percent. Jubilant has acknowledged in their public filings that the Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation against them. Consumers and hospitals are also affected by these actions.

If there are any questions related to this lawsuit, please contact Jeff Jacobovitz.