Rebecca Davis Featured in SHALE Magazine on State of ESG in 2024

Rebecca Davis, AGG Litigation and Environmental partner, was featured in an article published on February 26, 2024, by SHALE Magazine discussing the growing importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) as a criterion for companies and their financial value proposition.

The article emphasized the notion that ESG strategies have become an integral part of a company’s infrastructure, and their importance is only expected to increase with the rise of proactive investors and consumers from the millennial and Gen Z generations.

While there have been questions about the outlook of ESG given divisive political stances, the article looked closer at S&P 500 companies that publish ESG reports and considered the views of Gen Z consumers and investors who are increasingly entering and influencing the market. The article also highlighted the regulatory response to the rise of ESG and the implications for companies looking to embrace ESG initiatives.

“As to the energy sector and climate-related initiatives, although more states that traditionally lean blue will likely implement more stringent emissions policies, we will still see other more traditionally red states invest in renewable energy initiatives if there is a business case for doing so,” Rebecca explained. “That business case will be largely created by both federal grants and tax incentives, as well as increased interest by millennials and Gen Z as they look at more environmentally and socially sensitive investments.”

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