David Marmins Appeared on WGXA News to Discuss Crawford County Citizens’ Nuisance Lawsuit Against Quarry Development

On January 3, 2024, David Marmins, AGG Litigation and Real Estate partner, appeared on WGXA News to discuss a nuisance lawsuit that Crawford County citizens filed against a rock quarry development. David represents the plaintiffs, the Crawford County families, who are working to stop the quarry before it is built.

“We’re suing to stop; we’re not asking for a dollar of damages here,” said David. “The Georgia nuisance laws give you a right to sue something that is not even built yet when you know it’s coming, and it’s most efficient for everybody, including the defendants, to hash this out now before they invest all of that time and go ahead and put a quarry there.”

David explained there are numerous reasons a quarry could be considered a nuisance for residents living nearby, including dust, noise, and traffic.

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