Bob Durkin Quoted in Natural Products Insider Article on Anti-Tianeptine Bills

Bob Durkin, AGG Food & Drug and Dietary Supplements co-chair, was quoted in an April 24, 2024, Natural Products Insider article discussing the consequences of companion bills that are meant to give FDA more authority to stop the sale of tianeptine products, which are prescription antidepressant drugs that are distributed under several brand names. However, industry sources state that the new authority is not needed and could be counterproductive.

“They don’t need to amend the law to go after tianeptine,” said Bob. “FDA already has all the authority it needs to go after tianeptine.”

Bob shared that any food, including supplements, that contains tianeptine would already be deemed adulterated under existing federal statutes and introducing such a product into interstate commerce is already a violation of the law.

“What this bill tries to do is to add another prohibited act, a prohibited act that is not needed,” Bob said.

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