Quantum Medical Radiology - Practice Enjoys Economic Gain After Business Divorce Lawsuits Settled



Quantum Medical Radiology faced two separate “business divorce” lawsuits from departing physicians, each of which raised “kitchen sink” allegations designed to seek compensation well beyond the terms of the parties’ shareholder and employment agreements. With emotions running high, AGG was tasked with aggressively defending QMR and pursuing its affirmative claims against the departing physicians.




In the first of the two lawsuits, AGG took control of discovery, largely through piercing cross-examinations of the departing physicians to create a record that left the departing physicians vulnerable to both summary judgment and being precluded to offering expert testimony in support of their claimed damages. In the second of the two lawsuits, AGG aggressively presented the departing physician’s risk on the breach of fiduciary duty claims asserted by QMR to posture the case for early resolution.




Through AGG’s dual litigation strategy, QMR was able to settle both lawsuits during discovery for a net economic gain to the practice.