PruittHealth – Arbitration Enforcement Successfully Argued Before Georgia Supreme Court


The husband of a resident of PruittHealth-Toccoa nursing home filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the nursing home and its affiliates, including PruittHealth, one of the largest long-term care companies in the Southeast. The plaintiff sought a jury trial, but the nursing home resident’s son had signed an arbitration agreement, which required that disputes be resolved by arbitration, not a trial. Arbitration typically is speedier and less costly than jury trial. The issue of enforcement of the arbitration agreement made its way to the Georgia Supreme Court. 


Arnall Golden Gregory successfully argued before the Georgia Supreme Court that an arbitration agreement that would have bound the patient also binds her beneficiaries, even though they had not signed the agreement.  


The court ruled unanimously for the client, an important victory for long-term care providers who have signed arbitration agreements with residents. The Supreme Court’s decision was the second win for the AGG team in this matter, reinstating the trial court’s earlier ruling in favor of PruittHealth.