The firm represents banks and other institutional and private lenders in connection with problem business loans that may lead to non-judicial foreclosure of property in Georgia. The AGG team has extensive experience in reviewing problem loans, advising clients whether foreclosure is the best remedy, and pursuing foreclosures or other remedies to completion. AGG attorneys have conducted foreclosures in counties throughout north and central Georgia. The firm’s attorneys also have expertise in structuring deed-in-lieu transactions to avoid foreclosures.

The firm provides a variety of critical services related to foreclosures. In the event of a bankruptcy filing, AGG bankruptcy attorneys obtain relief from the bankruptcy automatic stay to enable the lender to proceed with foreclosure. After a foreclosure, AGG litigation attorneys seek judicial confirmation of the foreclosure sale to permit the lender to pursue a deficiency. AGG real estate attorneys work with lenders to negotiate and close the sale of foreclosed properties to third parties.

The AGG team’s extensive foreclosure experience with a wide range of lenders and properties enables the firm to provide knowledgeable analysis of foreclosure problems and find creative solutions.