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September 10, 2015

Consider Remodeling Your Lease to Avoid Unnecessary Problems
By: Abe J. Schear

Landlords seem to have an unnatural aversion to changing their lease forms and, while the document should surely not be constantly over-hauled, there are times, particularly when we are dealing with existing space and second generation tenancies, that changes might be useful. Surely, one of these areas concerns prohibited uses. More >


Don’t Get Burned: Five Considerations When Leasing Restaurant Space in an Office Building

By: Jason M. Sosnovsky


Leasing restaurant or café space in an office building requires certain considerations that a restaurant tenant may not encounter if it typically leases space in traditional retail settings. Furthermore, the typical office lease form may not address these restaurant-specific considerations, and a restaurant tenant should be knowledgeable about important additions and revisions that should be made to such a lease form when presented with the opportunity to lease space within an office building. For five key provisions to consider, please read more. More >

My Tenants are in Default, and I Want Them Out! Now What? A Brief Overview of the Eviction Process
By: C. Knox Withers

There almost always comes a time when a landlord has had all it can take from a problem tenant and decides it’s time to pull the trigger to start the eviction process. Most often, the tenant has built up a hefty balance in past-due rent, but a landlord might also decide to evict a tenant who has failed to comply with other important lease provisions. More >

What Happened to my Prevailing Party Attorneys' Fees Claim Against my Tenant?
By: James A. Gober

Many leases contain a provision that the “prevailing party” in any litigation between the landlord and its tenant is entitled to recover all of its legal costs, including attorneys’ fees. However, that provision does not necessarily protect the landlord against having to pay its own attorneys’ fees even where its tenant is solvent and able to pay and the outcome in the litigation is favorable to the landlord. More >


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