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American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting
Speaking Engagements
June 24- 26, 2019
Boston, Massachusetts

AGG Partner Michael Barry will speak with Max Reiboldt of the Coker Group at the American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting in Boston on June 24-26, 2019.  Mr. Barry and Mr. Reiboldt will discuss the general nature – including the differences and similarities of acquisitions of medical practices by hospitals and by private equity backed groups – from both the buyer and seller perspective. In particular, the conversation will address:

  • The basic tenets of a private equity model and the private equity-like model, both from the practice and health system standpoint
  • Key financial components, including the balance of the physician compensation to the purchase price, systemic to the transaction
  • Valuation perspectives within the “PE-like” model. Identify the various strategic and tactical factors, benefits and challenges involved in the “PE-like” transaction
  • The legal/compliance issues for both the physician group and the hospital relative to the “PE-like” transaction

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